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There is a reason Tour pros aim for bunkers and amateurs avoid them like the plague. Most amateur players are uncomfortable with the adjustments that need to be made, but Golf Digest's No. 1-ranked instructor in North Carolina, Jason Sutton, simplifies the shot down to three setup keys and one simple swing thought. Click here to learn how to make hitting greenside bunker shots a breeze.


A club purchase is a big decision for most golfers, and you don’t want to be standing on a tee box in the near future with a shiny new driver in your hand that you know won’t find the fairway. With UTry™ from GlobalGolf, you can test out the latest and greatest in golf equipment out on the course before you make the $500 plunge. Click here to learn more about UTry™.

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Tyrrell Hatton is one of golf’s most combustible personalities, so when a distraction from outside the ropes at this week’s Italian Open backed him off of a shot, anything was bound to happen. What wasn’t expected, however, was Hatton turning to the cameraman in the fairway and outing the offender as his fiancée. Click here to watch the hilarious video.


Economic experts from Goldman Sachs and Peter Schiff to Robert Kiyosaki are saying the next recession will create massive financial turmoil for the average U.S. saver. The reality is that those Americans that take action today will be more likely to fend off huge losses to their retirement accounts than those that bury their heads in the sand. Click here to find out how you can take control of your wealth.
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Golf is a flinging activity, but we’re not talking about throwing your clubs after another missed green. When you’re flinging your clubhead through impact, you need to free up your wrists to hit the ball at your target. Top-25 instructor in the world Stan Utley explains why you’re pulling the ball and how to fix it. Click here to see how you can correct your miss today.


You’ve been to — or at least heard of — golf-entertainment crossover outposts like Topgolf or Drive Shack, but Tiger Woods announced on Thursday that he and his TGR Design firm are taking that concept to the green with their strategic partnership with technology-infused golf-entertainment company PopStroke. Click here to see what Tiger’s working on with PopStroke.


We challenged resident trick shot artist and SwingU instructor Josh Kelley to play a 340-yard par-4 with only his putter. While driving and putting may not be too terribly challenging, it was the shots in between the tee and the green that gave him the most trouble. Click here to see if he could complete the task.


Costs for lessons with the top instructors in the game can really add up, and you’re only getting a fraction of their time. However, with Shawn Cox’s all-new training app, you’re getting 24/7 academy forums with VIP content, on-demand lessons and drills as well as an individual 1-on-1 lesson once per month. Click here to try out the Shawn Cox Golf app for 7 days free of charge.
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One day, the priest was getting ready to play in a tournament. As he was preparing to tee off, the organizer of the tournament approached him and pointed to the dark, threatening storm clouds, which were gathering around.

"Preacher," the organizer said, "I trust you'll see to it that the weather won't turn bad on us?"

The pastor shook his head. "Sorry," he replied. "I'm in sales, not management!"

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