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On This Date... in 1946, the 10th playing of The Masters was won by Herman Keiser.

Golf Trivia - Which legendary golfer did Keiser hold off to win his lone major championship? (Answer at the bottom.)

The Masters
Round 1 Tee Times (EST)
1. D. Johnson 10:30a
2. B. DeChambeau 1:36p
3. J. Rahm 10:42a
4. J. Thomas 1:48p
5. J. Spieth 2:00p
6. R. McIlroy 10:42a
7. X. Schauffele 10:42a
8. P. Cantlay 1:24p
9. C. Morikawa 2:00p
10. B. Koepka 10:06a


Bryson's Masters Secret Weapon
Ever the tinkerer, Bryson DeChambeau is teasing fans and media ahead of the 2021 Masters with a new club that has been three years in the making.

Landing on the USGA conforming list on Monday, Bryson's newest club is tournament legal for Thursday's first round.

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The Best Irons For Amateur Golfers
There may not be different rules for professionals and amateur golfers (yet), but we all know we’re playing a completely different game than the best players in the world.

That’s why Srixon has optimized the irons that go in the Tour pros’ bags and tweaked them to give amateurs the forgiveness they need.

Find out how these irons can revolutionize your golf game. →


Go From Bogey-Golfer To Single-Digit Handicap
The roadmap to better golf can be cluttered by swing thoughts and training aids, but the true path to success is paved by eliminating weaknesses.

Strokes gained expert Peter Sanders shares just how much a bogey golfer needs to improve in each facet of the game to go from shooting in the 90s to being a single-digit handicap.

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Play Your Best Golf Earlier In The Year
Every year, it feels like it takes weeks or months before your golf game gets dialed in, but this spring is going to be different thanks to the Phone Caddy from Desert Fox Golf.

SwingU's top-rated GPS and Scorecard app gives you confidence in the yardage for every shot, and the Phone Caddy keeps your smartphone front and center on your cart so you're never second-guessing a club selection.

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How Koepka Is Planning To Play Through Injury
Brooks Koepka likes to think of himself as the consummate athlete, so playing through pain in order to compete this week at Augusta National is something he’s willing to do even if he looks funny doing it.

Attempting to earn his first green jacket just a few weeks removed from right knee surgery that repaired a dislocated kneecap and ligament damage, Koepka is making his way around the difficult terrain of Augusta National in a way we’re not accustomed to seeing.

“I can't bend down. My knee doesn't (bend). I mean, that's the most stress you're going to have on your patella. I don't have that much motion in my knee,” he said.

“When I’m prone I can get it to about 90 degrees and that's about it. But getting down, I'm not. It's going to look funny, I know that. But what are you going to do?”

Koepka has been practicing at Augusta National Golf Club every day since Sunday, going through what he says is normal preparation, but it’s what he’s been doing before and after he gets to the course that has taken some time.

”It took about three hours this morning just to get going, and I didn't finish last night until about 12:30 a.m. or so,” Koepka said on Tuesday.

“It won't affect (my preparation). Once I get going, it's alright. Just need to watch my steps at home, kind of watching how many minutes I'm on my feet, not spending too much time on the feet and just getting it worked on and getting it flushed out, making sure I control the swelling because if swelling pops up, it's quite difficult.”

Koepka mentioned earlier in the week that he’s looking for favorable “walking lines” around the notoriously hilly course to avoid putting undue stress on his surgically-repaired knee.

Despite the injury, by all accounts, Koepka’s actual golf has been very good, all things considered.

”Game feels fine. Game is good. Playing good,” he said. “I like how I'm swinging it. Everything should be fine.”

Finally, asked if after working the past three days are there concerns about the next five, Koepka responded as you'd expect.

“I've got to do it," he said. "There’s no other option, is there?”

(Photo Credit: Ben Walton - Golf Digest)


Let The Club Do The Work From The Sand
In order to hit quality bunker shots, we almost always choose our sand wedge, and it’s important to understand how the club is engineered and designed to use it effectively.

Top Tour short-game coach Stan Utley explains how to best use the characteristics of the wedge to play your best from the sand.

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Impress Your Playing Partners
There’s not much that can happen on the course with your regular group of golf buddies that will cause someone to do a double-take.

Throwing down a custom-made, one-of-a-kind ball marker can get that reaction.

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Phil holds court. Tuesday in the Masters Media Center is Phil Mickelson’s Super Bowl and he didn’t disappoint with this great story from a past Champions Dinner.

Best Masters rookie? The newcomer getting the most buzz this week at Augusta National is not a golfer at all... it’s the new chicken salad sandwich on the concessions menu.

Tiger honored. Tiger Woods tweeted on Tuesday that he was disappointed to miss the opportunity to run up DJ’s bill on Tuesday night at the Champions Dinner and it’s clear he was missed by the past champions as well.

Blueprint for a green jacket. What does it take to win around Augusta National? Before you make any picks or place any bets, check out what history has to say.


VIDEO: Still Need That New Driver?
Whenever you see one of these videos, it makes you think twice about dropping hundreds of dollars on new equipment instead of taking swing lessons.

Click here to see today’s video, the Joke of the Day and our social gallery round-up. →
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