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On This Date... in 2017, Sergio Garcia won The Masters in a sudden-death playoff against Justin Rose, earning his first major championship victory in his 74th start.

Golf Trivia - Who has the most major championship starts without a victory? (Answer at the bottom.)


Tiger, Caddie Sued By Fan
Two years after the alleged incident, Tiger Woods and his caddie, Joe LaCava, were named in a lawsuit filed in Pinella County, Florida on Tuesday stemming from a confrontation at the 2018 Valspar Championship.

In clearing the crowd around the 13th green, the lawsuit alleges that LaCava “intentionally” caused harm to the fan, resulting in a hospital visit for injuries sustained.

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The Best Clubs For Amateur Golfers
Are you playing clubs that are right for your skill set? Your misfit equipment could be the difference between breaking 80 for the first time and taking all of your friends’ money.

Find out how these clubs can change the game for you. →


5 Reasons You Shank The Ball
There’s nothing more embarrassing in golf than firing a shot off the hosel into an adjacent fairway.

Top-100 instructors Jim Hardy and Chris O’Connell demonstrate and explain how you can cure yourself of the shanks.

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Master Your Swing At Home
Wondering what you can do to stay in “golf shape” while you’re stuck at home?

Orange Whip’s Swing Training system will give you feedback on tempo, balance, and swing plane without leaving your backyard.

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What Would You Shoot At Augusta National?
You may never get the chance to play Augusta National Golf Club, but that hasn’t stopped any of us from wondering what we would shoot there.

A group of golfers who have played the course offer insights as to what they’d expect players of varying abilities to shoot.

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The Ideal Grip Pressure For Putting
Have you thought about how tightly you hold the putter?

Mental game expert and author of ZEN PUTTING Dr. Joe Parent explains how poor grip pressure can rob you of critical feel and control.

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Rule Clarification On Ball Replacement
When and where are you allowed to switch out your golf ball for a new one?

Up until last year, The Rules of Golf were confusing and inconsistent, leading to mistakes made by players.

SwingU instructor Ryan Rustand explains the rule change. →
The Strangest Secret Of Great Ball-Striking
The greatest ball-striker to ever live was also one of golf's strangest characters. However, he shared the secrets that allowed him to become the greatest (and straightest) hitter who ever lived with just one man.

Find out what the secret is. →


We’re getting live golf. We won’t have to wait for the PGA Tour to start back up to see some of our favorite pros tee it up against one another.

Locked in. With the Masters originally scheduled to begin today, the same field that was set to tee it up in April will be the field playing in November.

I remember when... talked to athletes, musicians and celebrities to get a first-hand account of where they were and what they remember about Tiger Woods’ Masters victory last year.

When doesn’t it? Jack Nicklaus likes Rory McIlroy’s chances at the Masters if it’s staged in November. But really, when wouldn’t you like Rory’s chances?


VIDEO: Divers Find Over 5,000 Golf Balls
Ever wonder what happens to all those golf balls you deposit into your local water hazard? Turns out it’s a solid business proposition for anyone willing to don scuba gear and go diving.

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Trivia Answer
Jay Haas has played in 87 major championships without a win. Lee Westwood leads active players with 82 starts without a victory.

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