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On This Date... Three-time major champion and World Golf Hall of Famer Julio Boros was born in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Golf Trivia - Boros won two of his major championships by defeating which beloved pro who is prominent in the news this week? (Answer at the bottom)

The Masters
Odds To Win (via
1. R. McIlroy 9/1
2. B. DeChambeau 12/1
3. V. Hovland 12/1
4. T. Hatton 16/1
5. P. Reed 20/1
6. S. Im 20/1
7. M. Fitzpatrick 25/1
8. H. Matsuyama 25/1
9. F. Molinari 25/1
10. J. Spieth 30/1


Sheriff Executes Warrant On Tiger’s Crashed Car
The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department executed a warrant on the crashed courtesy car Tiger Woods was driving last week when he was involved in a rollover accident that required emergency surgery.

What were they looking for with the warrant and what can we expect to learn from it?

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The Right Wedge For Every Golfer
Too often amateur golfers try to fit themselves into clubs that weren’t designed with their skillset in mind.

Cleveland Golf alleviates that issue by offering beautifully-designed clubs with attributes that resonate with scratch golfers all the way up to bogey golfers and beyond.

Find the Cleveland wedge that’s perfect for your game. →


Hit The High Pitch That Lands And Stops
Whether you’re short-sided or just looking to show off in front of your friends, the high, soft pitch shot is one you want to have in your arsenal.

Top-100 instructor Josh Zander shares the one thing you need to do to make this shot easy to pull off every time.

Click here to watch the video. →
You Have The Power To Win Big And Drive It LONG
The distance gains that has the professional golf world up in arms has been hogged by the best players in the world.


Because they have the equipment and instruction that makes distance gains a reality.

Now you can too by entering to win the Ultimate Bomber’s Bundle, guaranteed to add speed to your swing and distance to your game.

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PGA Tour Partners With Amazon
The PGA Tour announced that it had entered into a partnership with Amazon Web Services “that promises to revolutionize how fans consume the game.”

“The AWS partnership comes at the perfect time as Tour grows its global media services,” the Tour’s release said. “A range of AWS services will be utilized in this new media landscape to simplify content delivery, create new digital experiences, and provide enhanced access to archived broadcast footage and highlights.”

The big reveal came in the form of a quote from Scott Gutterman, the PGA Tour’s Senior Vice President, Digital Operations.

“We are excited to utilize AWS media services to further enhance new and existing innovative services for our fans,” Gutterman said.

“Features like Every Shot Live and TOURCast will now be powered by AWS, which will allow for a more streamlined process and overall better product for our fans.”

As Geoff Shackelford pointed out, this is a big deal for golf’s continued foray into gambling, in general, and live betting, in particular.

Additionally, AWS will help the Tour store real-time and historic content — what they’re calling a “data lake” — that will give fans and media access to content dating back to the 1928 Los Angeles Open.

“Our hope is to one day give fans access to all of this content to provide them with a deeper and richer enjoyment of our sport,” Gutterman said.

Finally, AWS will become a Trustee of First Tee, a youth development organization supported by the Tour that reaches more than 3.7 million youth across the United States and select international locations each year, helping them build their strength of character through the game of golf.


Two Swing Thoughts For A Better Pivot
Are you a golfer who likes to keep the noise in your head to a minimum? This is the perfect drill for you.

2020 New Jersey PGA Teacher of the Year Nick Bova shows you how two simple thoughts at setup and the top of your swing can get you a more powerful pivot through the ball.

Click here to watch the video. →
The Secret To Elite Ball Striking
What do all of the best ball strikers have in common? It’s not their swing and it’s not their equipment… it’s their position at impact.

Getting your arms, wrists and hands into this perfect position will send the ball soaring on the piercing trajectory you’ve been yearning to see for years.

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Brooks was here. After nagging injuries sullied his 2020 season, Brooks Koepka is back to being the PGA Tour’s resident badass, Ryan Lavner writes.

More new blood. The Golf Channel-NBC team is growing again, adding LPGA Tour winner Morgan Pressel to the mix to join recent on-course additions such as Jim Mackay and John Wood.

An expensive bar bill. A Florida man recently added three aces to his already-impressive tally, but he did so in incredible fashion: he did it over the span of five days.

Picking favorites. If Tiger Woods wasn’t already in the news, he would be this week at Bay Hill, the site of nine(!) of his 82 victories. Here they are, ranked.


VIDEO: Bad Start To A Golf Trip
Filming your golf clubs being loaded onto an airplane is a sure-fire way to end up anxious and upset with how they were treated. This is no exception.

Click here to see today’s video, the Joke of the Day and our social gallery round-up. →
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Trivia Answer
Arnold Palmer. Boros beat him in a three-man playoff at the 1963 U.S. Open and by a stroke at the 1968 PGA Championship.

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